Truth into Fiction – Workshop

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11am – 1pm    Truth into Fiction
with Sheila Ghelani.

A workshop on stories and transformation. Explore techniques and approaches to story-telling in a creative, relaxed environment with Sheila Ghelani. This workshop draws on the themes of autobiography and transformation in Clod Ensemble’s latest production The Red Chair, a macabre tale of a man who ate so much that he turns into the chair he is sitting upon.

What object, piece of furniture or animal might your main protagonist become in your own story of transformation? In this workshop you will:

  • Discuss ideas of autobiography and transformation
  • look at blending reality and fiction
  • identify a moment of transformation (real or imagined) as a basis for your story
  • learn about surreal techniques such as automatic writing

This workshop will be relevant to people interested in writing, story-telling and spoken word. Participation in this workshop is free and no experience is necessary. All materials will be provided.

Suitable for people aged 16+  Places limited – book by calling the box office on 01536 470 470

Lyric Lounge Corby, Thursday 24th September, at the Core at Corby Cube.