Spoken Word Showcase

CCC Barbican 60

6.30pm Spoken Word Showcase

A feast for the ears!

Join storyteller Jo Blake Cave, writer Joe Coghlan, members of Corby’s performance poetry collective The Stand and the Lounge’s newly commissioned story-seekers as they share work inspired by the dark corners of the fairytale world.

Open mic slots available – book in advance with jess@writingeastmidlands.co.uk
Lyric Lounge Corby, Thursday 24th September, at the Core at Corby Cube.


Lead Artist Profile: Jo Blake Cave

Jo in the doorwayJo Blake Cave is a contemporary storyteller based in Northamptonshire. Her work includes performance storytelling for theatres, art centres and festivals; site-specific events that explore the stories of place and belonging; and traditional, informal storytelling sessions in libraries, museums, storytelling clubs, schools and a whole variety of venues. These performances range from simple retellings of stories to the interweaving of traditional narratives with multi-media and movement. Jo draws from an ever-expanding repertoire of international fairytales, epics and myths. Her aim is to bring relevant, quality and imaginative tellings of ancient stories to contemporary audiences. Her poetic performances weave together traditional tales, mythology, biography and autobiography, with a dynamic, expressive physicality. She is a warm and animated performer, and a keen interrogator of the art of performance storytelling. See Jo in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hWvcIP-nCc

Meet our Lyric Lounge Story-Seekers

Lyric Lounge has commissioned two local writers to seek out the real stories of Corby and to develop them into new pieces with the support of Jo Blake Cave, to be performed at the Spoken Word Showcase. Our Story Seekers are Spike the Corby Poet, and story-teller Anne Marie Sandos.
Anne Marie Sandos writes and performs work inspired by philosophy, curtain twitching and experiences of childbirth. She also uses spoken word to bring to life history’s forgotten people, using archive material to create site specific performances including places such as museums, Victorian steelworks and at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, London. As a Lyric Lounge story-seeker, Anne Marie will work with local family centres to explore the transformative experience ‘the family’ to develop her work in progress, My Beautiful Wound.

Spike and Anne Marie will be visiting local events and groups across the town before the Lounge, to gather stories and inspiration for their work. If you would like them to visit your group or event, please contact jess@writingeastmidlands.co.uk